VBP Dedication Cards

The grass whithereth, the flower fadeth; but the word of our God shall stand forever.

Isaiah 40:8

Years ago we as a church began dedicating Bibles in lieu of flowers in an expression of sympathy toward those in bereavement. We’ve found this to be very practical and those in bereavement have consistently communicated their gratitude for this method of expressing our condolences. We began the Victory Baptist Press Dedication Card Program in 2011 to provide Bible-believing churches with an opportunity to be a blessing to God’s people while investing in God’s worldwide mission through a ministry that is doctrinally sound, missions-oriented, and committed to the King James Bible. We now have over 100 churches participating in the dedication card program. We provide churches with a fully stocked acrylic card rack with four different greeting card designs. If your church would like to obtain a card rack please have your pastor email us here. Below are further instructions on how to use the cards and how to obtain additional cards to refill your card rack.


How to Set Up Your Rack: The provided rack is designed for either a counter display or a wall-mount.

The enclosed cards are in order; simply place one design per pocket.

How to Dedicate Bibles: Enclosed in each Greeting Card there is an envelope pre-addressed to Victory Baptist Press and a VBP donation card. Simply make your check payable to Victory Baptist Press and complete the donation card indicating the total of your donation and the appropriate dedication information. Remit your  donation card to VBP in the pre-addressed envelope. There is a place in the Greeting Card to indicate how
many Bibles you have dedicated. You should fill out the Greeting Card accordingly and send it to the person or family you’re dedicating the Bibles in honor of.


How to Obtain Additional Dedication Cards: You may contact Crystal Perrine with the Victory Baptist Press to obtain additional cards to refill your rack. She may be reached via email at
or by phone at 850-384-1171. We’ve also placed her contact information on the back of the rack itself.


A Friendly Suggestion: At our church we have a person designated to keep the rack in order, insure that there is a sufficient supply of cards, and send an appropriate card on behalf of the church to families in bereavement. You may want to consider assigning this special ministry to someone in your church as well.